Spring Weather Conjures up Thoughts of Summer!

Spring Weather Conjures up Thoughts of Summer!Just as the weather start to get a little warmer and the days start to get a little longer, thoughts of spring arise. As the spring slowly begins to appear on Long Island, our thoughts often surge ahead to the even warmer summer months, and of course – vacation plans!

When you enjoy the warm spring breeze and you start to smell fresh cut grass and blooming flowers on Long Island – you can’t help but to think about making plans for a great summer vacation or getaway.  The Fire Island Pines may just be the getaway that you are dreaming of.

If you love the beach – Fire Island is the optimum vacation spot. With beautiful beaches, abundant nature trails, terrific restaurants and a hopping party and bar scene, Fire Island offers something for everyone. If you want to just sit on the beach all day and relax at night – you will enjoy Fire Island. If you want to take a scenic bike ride or hike, you will enjoy Fire Island.  If you want to eat some of the freshest seafood at some of the most delicious restaurants, you too will enjoy Fire Island.  If you want to go out some of the best bars, hear live music, meet new people, dance and party into the wee hours of the morning – you will definitely love Fire Island! If you love to do all of (or some) of these things – then Fire Island is your top choice for a great summer getaway!

If you rent a home right on the beach – you can stroll right out your door and onto the soft white sand and take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean!  Don’t worry if your house is not right on the water – all homes on Fire Island are conveniently located in walking distance of the beach and all the amenities of this charming island!  If you rent a home with a pool – take a dip and enjoy afternoon refreshment when you return from the sandy beach. It’s great to spend the day at the beach and then head out in the evening for dinner, cocktails, music dancing and fun!

The best way to enjoy Fire Island is to rent a house or condo. There are so many options available that can accommodate all that you are looking for in a vacation home. Fire Island Properties has a long list of beautiful homes, apartments and condominiums that are available for the entire summer or a shorter rental. If you are interested in purchasing a home, they also have a full line of exclusive homes for sale.

If the spring weather has you thinking about your summer plans – make your arrangements now – before things start to get booked! If you are interested in a summer rental on Fire Island, contact Fire Island Properties.  They have many exclusive homes and rentals available in the Fire Island Pines and they can help you find exactly what you are looking for whether you are interested in a seasonal rental, a weekend getaway or a home of your own.  Give them a call 631-597-7000 to plan your next beach vacation.

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