Autumn is a Great Time to Visit Fire Island

Autumn-is-a-Great-Time-to-Visit-Fire-IslandWith the weather still warm and the humidity and crowds gone, the autumn months are a great time to visit and even stay on Fire Island. If you are looking for a relaxing (and less crowded) get away to enjoy the beaches and the natural beauty of Fire Island – the fall is a great time to come. Believe it or not, the waters of the Atlantic are at their warmest in September, so you can still enjoy swimming at the beach.

There’s a still lots to do on Fire Island in the fall.  Relax in in the warm sun on a much less crowded beach that provides such beauty and tranquility. If you are a nature lover – enjoying the changing leaves and climate on the island is a wondrous experience.  Hiking and nature walks are a great activity for the mind, body and soul. The Fire Island National Park Service adds, “After Labor Day, the air usually cools and the summer crowds dwindle. After the first frost, mosquito and tick populations decline. By mid-fall it is the perfect time to enjoy nature and the backcountry portions of Fire Island. Catch the annual migration of birds and monarch butterflies. Watch as the poison ivy turns red across the island and see why some believe that it was this plant that led to the name Fire Island.”  Autumn is also fishing and hunting season on Fire Island and surf-fishing is an activity you can enjoy throughout the year.

Take a walk or bike ride over to the Fire Island Lighthouse. Rich in maritime history, the lighthouse is a beacon of the island attracting thousands of people each year. You can climb to the top and look out at the stunning views of the ocean, the bay and all of Fire Island. If you walk down the winding board walk path through the dunes and beach grass, you may catch a glimpse of a fiery fox or a shy deer hiding behind the brush.

Many terrific restaurants and bars stay open through October, so you will be able to enjoy a cocktail in a cozy lounge or a nice dinner or appetizer out.   Or bring your own favorite beverage and enjoy the sunset on the beach.

Autumn also provides an opportunity to find a great place to stay – as many more houses and rentals become available with the summer crowds and house shares long gone. Many homes that are fully booked in the summer months may be available for rental for a week in the fall or a weekend getaway.

If you are interested in a rental or you are looking to purchase a home on Fire Island, contact Fire Island Properties.  They offer the best properties in the Fire Island Pines and they can help you find exactly what you are looking for – whether you want a seasonal rental, a weekend getaway or a home of your own. Call them at 631-597-7000 to plan your next beach vacation – for any season of the year.




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