494 Tarpon Walk

67 Bay Walk

324 Sky Walk

463 Fishermans Path

145 Ocean Walk

C150 Atlantic Walk

236 Beach Hill Walk

234 Bay Walk

C228 Co-Op

589 Seaview Walk

61 Bay Walk

21 Widgeon Walk

500 Bass Walk

598 Cottage Walk

179A - 8/9 Ocean Walk

60 Bay Walk

613 Shore Walk

524 Snapper Walk

530 Sail Walk

244 Bay Walk

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Welcome to the Pines

Simplicity. Privacy. Luxury. Taste.

Take a look at some of the choices d. katen fire island properties. ltd. can offer you in attaining the perfect island retreat in America's premier gay travel resort. Whether you're searching for a fabulous party experience, a seasonal escape or a home of your very own, we can show you the way.

We're here to help you find what you're looking for.

Exclusively Pines

Premiere Week and Holiday Rentals!

Experience the true uniqueness of the Pines during one of our Festive Premiere or Summer Holiday weeks! Whether you are looking to enjoy ocean front luxury, sunsets on the bay or privacy in a cozy cottage, d. katen fire island properties has the house for you!

Browse our extensive selection of homes for Pines Premiere Weeks:

Beyond the Pines

Cherry Grove and Water Island

We also have a selection of properties for sale and rent in Cherry Grove and Water Island.

Find a Summer Share

Are you looking for a summer share for the 2015 season? Click here to see current listings

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Benefits

d. katen fire island properties now offers MLS with these benefits:

  • For the Seller/Landlord MLS offers all the benefits of an exclusive listing with more advantages than an open listing
  • For the Buyer/Tenant MLS provides a larger volume of properties to view
  • Realtors are able to access each other's listings to provide buyers and tenants a larger volume of properties
  • Realtors are able to reach more potential buyers and tenants through the MLS database
  • MLS provides accurate, original and detailed information regarding each and every home listed online
  • For the Seller/Landlord maximum worldwide exposure with the security and extra attention of that which an exclusive listing offers

July 25, 2015
Pines Party 2015